Dokkyo Medical University

Developing human resources for health with excellent medical and nursing science, knowledge, skills and care for humanity.

Dokkyo Medical University (DMU) was established in 1973 on the basis of our academic traditions. We strive to make great advances in medicine, which show the frontier spirits and the international point of view. Also we engage in social service. We have Graduate School of Medicine, Graduate School of Nursing, School of Medicine, School of Nursing, and Graduate Program in Midwifery. In addition, there are three attached hospitals and two Nursing Schools.

  1. Encouraging physicians, public health nurses, midwives and nurses based on humanism
  2. Education based on the individual abilities
  3. Playing an important role in the community
  4. Research in medical and nursing sciences based upon international point of view

Dokkyo Medical University follows the above four objectives and contributes to the advanced education and research.


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