Koshigaya Hospital

"Never stop improving yourself; prove worthy of your patients' trust" is the principle of Koshigaya Hospital.



  • To implement patient-oriented medical care
  • To provide advanced medical technology and safe medical care
  • To implement team-based medical care
  • To train the medical trainees to be medical professionals who have genuine humanity
  • To establish cooperative medical care




Dokkyo Medical University Koshigaya Hospital has 723 beds and 19 clinical departments as well as the following facilities: Histopathology, Clinical Laboratory, Radiology, Library, Koshigaya Division of the Institute of Medical Science, Koshigaya Branch of the Laboratory Animal Research Center and the Shock Trauma Center. With the Office of Medical Safety Management and the Clinical Training Center newly added, Koshigaya Hospital is a large-scale hospital playing a central role in community medicine.
The hospital belongs to the clinical division of Dokkyo Medical University. Besides providing medical services, it is in charge of clinical education mainly for the graduates of Dokkyo Medical University. The active clinical studies of the hospital are highly evaluated at home and abroad.
Every year about 20 graduates of Dokkyo Medical University join the hospital and, after five to ten years of training, they contribute to the maintenance of health of the public as outstanding and reliable doctors. Koshigaya Hospital is also partially responsible for giving lectures to the 4th-year students and clinical training to the 5th-year students.

Hospital Outline


June 21, 1984


Clinical Department

Internal Medicine Division

Internal Medicine,Division of Diabetology,Endocrinology & Hematology
Respiratory Medicine





Surgery Division

Orthopedic Surgery

Thoracic & Cardiovascular Surgery
Pediatric Surgery
Obstetrics & Gynecology

Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

Acute Care Medicine and Trauma Surgery

Central Facility Department

Clinical Laboratory
Surgical Operation
Intensive Care Unit
Clinical Engineering
Rehabilitation Medicine
Clinical History
Medical Consultation

Department of Trauma and Critical Care Center

Number of beds


Number of staff



General Ward Group 1
Basic Admissions

Shock Trauma Center

At the Shock Trauma Center, which was opened in 1998, the state-of-the-art medical facilities and the staff with advanced medical skills are ready to accept tertiary emergency patients from Saitama and other neighboring prefectures around the clock.
The treatment room is connected directly with the ICU, the operating room, the X-ray television, CT, MRI, cardiovascular imaging equipment, and the patients' rooms so that patients can be transported smoothly. This structure is very advantageous in emergency care, which requires prompt action. In addition, designated as a disaster base hospital, Koshigaya Hospital plays a leading part in an emergency drill held in cooperation with a fire station on the assumption that a large-scale disaster has occurred.

Clinical Training Center

The Clinical Training Center was established because clinical training became compulsory in 2004. The training program of Koshigaya Hospital is designed for all the trainee doctors to acquire basic clinical abilities whatever their special fields may be in the future. It is also designed to train them to build up noble character. Equipmentwise, each trainee doctor can use a personal computer; TV sets and DVD players are also available. Thus the environment is arranged for effective learning.