Department of Biochemistry

Head of the Department: Hiroyuki Sugimoto MD, PhD

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Message from the Head of the Department

     Department of Biochemistry was established since the beginning of Dokkyo Medical University, and I am the third Head of this Department.


Research field

  • Lipid metabolism: lipid metabolizing enzymes, cholesterol (oxysterol) metabolism, lipid transfer proteins in cells
  • Barrier mechanism in cell-cell interaction


School of Medicine

1st year Introduction to Basic Medical Research
PBL Tutorial I
Liberal Studies
2nd year Biomolecules and Their Metabolism 
Biochemistry (Lab Class) 
Digestive, Absorptive and Nutritional Physiology
Physiology II
Medical English II
3rd year Medical English III
Medical lab Class
4th year License Exam Case Studies

School of Nursing:

1st year Biochemistry

Research Field

Lipid metabolism
Cell-cell barrier mechanism

Academic Society Activities

Japanese Society of Biochemistry
Japanese Conference on the Biochemistry of Lipids

Faculty / Staff

Professor: Hiroyuki Sugimoto, MD, PhD
Associate Professor: Masahiko Itoh, PhD
Associate Professor: Yasuhiro Horibata, PhD
Assistant Professor: Motoyasu Satou, PhD
Assistant Professor: Hiromi Ando, PhD
Assistant Professor: Hiroaki Shimizu, MD, PhD
Assistant Professor: Takafumi Niitani, MD
Technician: Satoko Yamashita
Technician: Maki Arai
Technician: Masahide Ooyama

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Department of Biochemistry
Dokkyo Medical University
Kitakobayashi 880, Mibu, Shimotsuga, Tochigi, 321-0293 Japan

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