Center for International Cooperation

Director : Yuichi Chigusa, MD, PhD



The mission of the Center is to contribute to the global cooperation of Dokkyo Medical University with universities , research institutes and hospitals in foreign countries by assisting the faculty members on international projects and supporting the student exchange programs.


Laboratory of Tropical Medicine and Parasitology

Head of the Office: Satoru Kawai, DVM, PhD

         Focusing on parasitic diseases that still persist in the tropics, we are engaged in research, education, and international medical cooperation.
Our goal is to support not only laboratory research, but also to provide assistance that can be returned to the field based on local survey and research data.

More Detail of Laboratory of Tropical Medicine and Parasitology (Japanese and English)

Office of Germany - Japan Cooperation for Medical Research and Education

Head of the Office: Michiaki Masuda, MD , PhD
Vice Head of the Office: Wolfgang R. Ade, MD, PhD

    Dokkyo Medical University belongs to the Dokkyo Group of Academic Institutions, a.k.a. Dokkyo Gakuen, which was originally established in 1881 as the German Studies Association or Doitsu-gaku Kyokai (Gesellschaft für Germanistik). Because of this historical background, Dokkyo Medical University is promoting cooperation and exchanges with educational, research and clinical institutes in Germany. To achieve the purpose, the Office of Germany-Japan Cooperation plays a central role in planning and supporting the student exchange programs with German universities and assisting faculty members in the academic collaboration with the German partners.

Laboratory of International Epidemiology

Head of the Fukushima Branch: Shinzo Kimura, PhD

     We are exploring the relationship with low dose exposure diseases through dietary and internal exposure surveys of people living in areas contaminated by the Chernobyl accident. We are also collaborating with domestic and foreign experts to investigate the psychological effects of mental s tress caused by the accident at Chernobyl and the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station. In order to apply this result to the people of Fukushima, we are striving to manage the health of the citizens of Fukushima, centering on the branch office opened in Nihonmatsu City.

Office of International Affairs

Head of the Office: Yuichi Chigusa, MD, PhD

     This office was established in April 2016 for the purpose of internationalizing the university.Specifically, the academic exchanges with foreign universities, hospitals, educational and research institutes,promotion of international cooperation projects, document preparation of agreements, students, graduates,faculty and staff of our university, clinical trainees from overseas, research students, international students.
     We provide career development support and support for creating English tools  (promotional videos, Web, etc.).

More Detail of Office of International Affairs (Japanese and English)