Message from the President

Ken-ichiro Yoshida President Dokkyo Medical University
Ken-ichiro Yoshida
Dokkyo Medical University

Dokkyo Medical University is part of Dokkyo Gakuen, an educational corporation. In 1883 it was established as the ”Doitsu Gaku Kyokai Gakko” (German Studies Association School), and with a history of more than 130 years since its founding, it is one of the most traditional schools in our country. In 1973, Dokkyo Medical University was established in Mibu, Tochigi Prefecture, and in the following year the Affiliated “Koto Kango Gakuin” (current: Affiliated Nursing School) was established. In 1985, Koshigaya Hospital (current: Saitama Medical Center) was established in Saitama Prefecture, contributing to regional medical care. In April 2006, the Nikko Medical Center was opened in Kinugawa Onsen, a famous tourism spot. In this way, it can be said that our university is an up-and-coming medical university that is based on old traditions. In addition, the School of Nursing was established in April 2007, the Graduate Program of Midwifery in 2010 and the Graduate School of Nursing in 2011 thereby enriching the nursing studies capabilities and thus aligning both the medical and the nursing faculties to each other within the medical university. Since 2013, the Saitama campus was enhanced with the opening of the Misato Nursing School and with the acquisition of 8,260m2 of land next to the Saitama Medical Center and a new surgery building with 22 operating rooms and 200 additional beds including a 411 bed surgical ward was built. In addition, since the university has opened, more than 4,000 physicians and around 5,000 nurses have graduated and gone out to the world, steadily fulfilling the founding philosophy of our university along with the contribution to the regional medical care by the three hospitals.

This university is outside of the busy city center, and located near some national parks such as Nikko and Nasu, an ideal environment suited for studying at a university. In 2000 the Mibu interchange of Kita-Kanto Highway was opened nearby and it became an important access point to this area in which further development is expected in the future. Nationwide, we have the largest number of beds in total between the university hospital with 1,195 beds, the Saitama Medical Center with 923 beds, and the Nikko Medical Center with 199 beds. In 2005, the latest cancer diagnostic device called PET (Positron Emission Tomography) was introduced, and a new Life Saving Emergency Center ward was also completed in the Children’s Medical Center. In January 2010, a Doctor Heli was acquired and has been active in providing regional emergency medical care. Thus, as a university of such a large scale and with the latest state-of-the-art facilities, we are an excellent university.

In addition, a surgery support robot (da Vinci Surgical System) was implemented in the university hospital, and in 2008 the Department of General Medicine and the Breast Center were opened. At the Saitama Medical Center, the affiliated Kidney and Preventive Medicine Center (present: affiliated Koshigaya Clinic), the Reproduction Center, and the Transplant Center were established, and also a da Vinci system was implemented. At the Nikko Medical Center, the Dialysis Building was established which increased the number of dialysis beds from 5 to 25. At the university, as one of the 40th Anniversary Projects, the Education & Medical Care Building commenced operations at the end of March, 2015, and is being used as a place for education, medical treatment, and research.

We continue the mission of our university to improve the quality of education, research and medical treatment and will continue to make efforts to contribute to regional medical care further, so we sincerely ask everyone for their guidance, encouragement and cooperation.

October 1st, 2018