Center for Information and Communication Technology

Head of the Office: Gen Kobashi, M.D.

Message from the Head of the Center

      The Center for Information and Communication Technology (CiCT) was established in April 2011 as a reorganization of the existing organization. And until 2019, the staff worked concurrently with the Information Education Division of Basic Medical Sciences, but following a review of organizational functions, the Information Education Division was integrated with the CiCT.
      As part of our work, we plan and construct ICT (Information and Communication Technology) infrastructure, such as the campus network and various online service environments, and provide support for their utilization and operation.
      We also provide student education at the School of Medicine, the School of Nursing, the affiliated vocational schools (Mibu and Misato), and the graduate school. In this context, we also provide education to foster ICT literacy and to develop knowledge and skills that can respond to future social changes such as Society 5.0. We also offer classes that allow students to experience various new technologies such as robotics, artificial intelligence, IoT, and VR/AR.
      In addition, we are conducting research on the use of robots, VR/AR and other technologies in education, medical care, and nursing care, as well as various research from the perspective of educational technology. We hope to apply the results of these studies to actual education.
      Currently, there is a growing need and expectation for the use of ICT and new technologies in education, research, and business. Therefore, with the support and cooperation of people both inside and outside the university, the center will continue to take on new challenges. Thank you very much for your support.


  1. Planning, implementation, and management of information networks for academic use.
  2. Planning, implementation, and management of academic information systems (servers etc.).
  3. Planning, constructing, and management of computer classrooms.
  4. Education of information literacy, etc. for students or staff.
  5. Research for ICT Education and ICT application for educational/medical/welfare fields.

School of Medicine:

1st year Medical Information Literacy

School of Nursing:

1st year Information Literacy
Practicing Information Literacy

Graduate School of Medicine:

Basic Medical Science

Graduate School of Nursing:

1st~2nd year Advanced Nursing Informatics

Nursing School Affiliated to Dokkyo Medical University

1st year Computer Science

Misato Nursing School Affiliated to Dokkyo Medical University

1st yearNursing Informatics

Research Field

  1. ICT Education
  2. ICT application for  educational/medical/welfare fields.

Academic Society Activities

Japan Society for Medical Education (JSME)
The Anthropological Society of Nippon
Primate Society of Japan
Society for Science on Form, Japan
Information Processing Society of Japan (IPSJ)
Dokkyo Medical Society


Professor Gen Kobashi, M.D.
Associate Professor  Masaki Yamashita, Ph.D.
Senior Assistant Professor  Hirokazu Bandoh, Ph.D.

Characteristics of the section

     The purpose of the CiCT is to contribute to the education, research, and administrative management of this university by providing support for the use of ICT (Information and Communication Technology) infrastructure, including academic networks, servers, and other services. We also support those who utilize ICT and play an active role in this information society through ICT education.


Center for Information and Communication Technology
Dokkyo Medical University
Kitakobayashi 880, Mibu, Shimotsuga, Tochigi, 321-0293 Japan