Department of Endocrinology and Metabolism

Head of the Office: Yoshimasa Aso MD, PhD

Message from the Head of the Department

     Our department was founded in 1973 by the first professor Shinichi Shimoda and was succeeded by the second professor Kikuo Kasai in 1997 and the current professor Yoshimasa Aso in 2013. We are providing medical care, research and education for metabolic and endocrine diseases with special focus on diabetes. The fellows are provided with the opportunity to achieve the knowledge base, clinical and interpersonal skills, professional attitudes, and practical experiences. In our outpatient and inpatient clinics, the fellows are constantly receiving clinical exposure to a wide variety of acute and chronic metabolic and endocrine disorders and are provided with the opportunity to participate actively in the diagnosis and management of patients with diabetes and endocrine diseases. I can say with confidence that the fellows who learn here in our department become outstanding diabetologists and/or endocrinologist.

For Patients
      Welcome to the Department of Endocrinology and Metabolism and Dokkyo Diabetes Center in Dokkyo Medical University Hospital, one of the nation’s top diabetes centers offering comprehensive care. We’re committed to: Giving you world-class diabetes care; Providing all the services you and your family need for your well-being; and Information on diabetes care.


1.Clinical Activities
      Our department specializes in the metabolic and endocrine diseases shown below. In addition, through the activity of Dokkyo Diabetes Center, we are making efforts to promote in-hospital and regional cooperation in diabetes treatment.

major specialized diseases

Metabolic diseases:

  • Diabetes mellitus
  • Dyslipidemia
  • Obesity disease/ Metabolic syndrome etc

  • Endocrine diseases:

    • Hypothalamus and Pituitary gland; Cushing disease, Acromegaly, Central diabetes insipidus, SIADH, etc

    • Thyroid gland: Graves’ disease, Chronic thyroiditis, Thyroid tumor, etc
    • Parathyroid gland: Hyperparathyroidism, Hypoparathyroidism, etc
    • Adrenal gland: Cushing syndrome, Primary aldosteronism, Pheochromocytoma, etc
    • Pancreas: Insulinoma and the other Neuroendocrine tumors, etc

      • 2.Research Activities
              As shown below, we are actively conducting both clinical and basic research with the main research themes being diabetes and its complications.

        Clinical studies

        • on the evaluation and diagnosis for diabetic neuropathy
        • on the therapeutic effects of anti-diabetic drugs on atherosclerosis
        • on the therapeutic effects of anti-diabetic drugs on NASH/NAFLD
        • exploring the factors that predict the therapeutic effects of anti-diabetic drugs
        • exploring the bio-markers for diabetic complications

        Basic studies

        • on the roles of immune cells in the pathogenesis of obesity-related insulin resistance
        • on the roles of white adipocytes in glucose and lipid metabolism using a novel mouse model
        • on the therapeutic effects of anti-diabetic drugs using model mice for NASH and HCC
        • on the role of tissue fibrosis in the pathogenesis of diabetic complications using a novel mouse model

        3. Educational Activities
        School of Medicine:

1st year Lectures on Doctor’s Career Plan
2nd year Lectures on Endocrinology (Physiology)
3rd year Lectures on Endocrinology and Metabolism
4th year Clinical Reasoning
Lecture on Symptomatology
5th year Clinical Clerkship in Endocrinology and Metabolism
6th year Advanced Clinical Clerkship in Endocrinology and Metabolism
Lectures on Endocrinology and Metabolism

School of Nursing:

2nd~4th year Lectures on Endocrinology and Metabolism

Academic Society Activities

Japanese Society of Internal Medicine
The Japan Diabetes Society
The Japan Endocrine Society
Japan Thyroid Association
Japan Society for the Study of Obesity
The Japan Society of Diabetic Complications
American Diabetes Association
European Association for the Study of Diabetes


Professor and Chairman Yoshimasa Aso, MD, PhD
Professor Isao Usui MD, PhD
Associate Professor Teruo Jojima, MD, PhD
Senior Assistant Professor Takuya Tomaru, MD, PhD
Senior Assistant Professor Toshie Iijima, MD
Senior Assistant Professor Shintaro Sakurai, MD, PhD
Assistant Professor Masato Kase, MD
Assistant Professor Masaaki Sagara, MD, PhD
Assistant Professor Toshimitsu Shinzawa, MD
Assistant Professor Takafumi Niitani, MD
Assistant Professor Yuiko Mizunuma, MD, PhD
Assistant Professor Soichiro Hosonuma, MD
Assistant Professor Hayato Kajitani, MD
Assistant Professor Hidetaka Kurai, MD
Assistant Professor Tomohisa Kunii, MD
Assistant Professor Nanako Hirao, MD
Assistant Professor Dai Tanuma, MD
Assistant Professor (part time) Kanako Kato, MD
Assistant Professor (part time) Eriko Ohira, MD
Assistant Professor (Graduate Student) Haruka Kishi, MD
Assistant Professor (Graduate Student) Sho Wakamatsu, MD
Assistant Professor (Graduate Student) Yasutake Shinohara, MD
Senior Resident Kanako Hanawa MD
Senior Resident Yusuke Kamiga MD
Senior Resident Chiaki Saito MD