Department of Neurosurgery

Head of the Office: Hiroyoshi AKUTSU, MD, PhD

Message from the Head of the Office

     Dokkyo Medical University (DMU) Department of Neurosurgery has been a center for high-level surgical care and research in the field of neurologic disorders. DMU Department of Neurosurgery faculty consists of experts in all subspecialties of neurosurgery and has provided comprehensive neurosurgical care to patients with brain tumors, cerebrovascular diseases, epilepsy, Parkinson's disease, intractable pain, spasticity, and spine and spinal cord diseases. DMU Department of Neurosurgery also performs Gamma Knife stereotactic radiosurgery and is one of only three university hospitals in Japan that has the Gamma Knife unit.
     We collaborate with the Department of Emergency and Critical Care Medicine in providing care to patients with head/neck trauma and cerebral strokes.
      We have started to perform state-of-the-art endoscopic skull base surgery for treating pituitary tumors and various skull base tumors in collaboration with the Department of Otorhinolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery.
      Our neurosurgeons who are experts in endovascular surgery started a new cooperation with the Department of Neurology to help provide care for patients in DMU Stroke Center.
     DMU Department of Neurosurgery is also a center for training physicians and residents. We have trained neurosurgeons and neurologists involved in interventional neuroradiology (endovascular treatments). We will work closely with the DMU Saitama Medical Center Department of Neurosurgery, one of the leaders in the field of interventional neuroradiology in Japan. Our collaboration will give residents more educational and training opportunities.
     Dokkyo Medical University is located in a favorable training environment for residents and medical students. It is about one hour away from the scenic Nikko and Nasu area and is also close to Utsunomiya city with a population of more than 500,000.
     We are enthusiastic to pass on our skills to the next generation of neurosurgeons. We believe that persons who developed professional knowledge, judgment, and skills, as well as humanity, will be vital to the society no matter how the world changes. We aspire to continue becoming the regional and international leader in clinical practice and academic training and develop advanced medical care and academic research.


Professor and Chairman Hiroyoshi AKUTSU, MD, PhD
Associate Professors Masahiro OGINO, MD, PhD
Takeo UZUKA, MD, PhD
Hideyuki KANO, MD, PhD
Senior Assistant Professors Go IKEDA, MD, PhD
Katsuya SAITO, MD, PhD
Assistant Professor Akiko ARAKAWA, MD
Yoshimitsu AKUTSU, MD
Takuma SUMI, MD
Takeshi HONGO, MD
Residents Yasuhiko SHINOHARA, MD


     From Monday to Saturday, at least two Japanese board certified (BC) neurosurgeons are available in our outpatient clinic. Most of them speak English fluently and welcome the non-Japanese speakers.
      BC neurosurgeon covers all the neurosurgical diseases/ disorders, however, each subspecialty recommends you to visit us on…

Monday Spine and spinal cord diseases, skull base tumors and pediatric diseases (Dr. KUROKAWA)
Cerebrovascular diseases (Dr. SAITO)
Tuesday Cerebrovascular diseases (Dr. IKEDA)
Brain tumor (Dr. UZUKA)
Cerebrovascular diseases (Dr. KAWAMOTO)
Wednesday Epilepsy; neurovascular compression, i.e., trigeminal neuralgia, hemifacial spasm and glossopharyngeal neuralgia; sports related concussion (Dr. OGINO)
Cerebrovascular diseases and general neurosurgery (Dr. AKUTSU Yoshimitsu)
Pituitary and skull base tumors, intractable headache, general neurosurgery (Dr. MORINAGA)
Parkinson’s disease, movement disorders, intractable pain (Dr. MASUDA; Third Wednesday of each month)
Thursday Pituitary and skull base tumors (Dr. AKUTSU Hiroyoshi, professor and chairman)
Head injury and general neurosurgery (Dr. ARAKAWA)
Friday Benign and malignant brain tumors (Drs. UZUKA and SUMI)
Gamma knife (Dr. KANO)
Saturday Spine and spinal cord diseases, skull base tumors and pediatric diseases (Dr. KUROKAWA)
Sports related concussion (Dr. OGINO; Second Saturday of each month)


Department of Neurosurgery
Dokkyo Medical University
Kitakobayashi 880, Mibu, Shimotsuga, Tochigi, 321-0293 Japan

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