Department of Diagnostic and Generalist Medicine

Head/Professor and Chairman: Taro Shimizu, MD, PhD, MSc, MPH, MBA, FACP

Message from the Head of the Department:

     The Department of Diagnostic and Generalist Medicine was established in April 2016 as a core department to provide comprehensive and specialized care for patients with diverse health problems. In addition, as the above name suggests, we also have the specialty as the department of diagnostic medicine (D3S: Dokkyo Division of Diagnostic Strategy), and we provide the solution for the patients with diagnostic difficulty who are referred from inside and outside the hospital.


1. Clinical works
・Solve the undifferentiated or undiagnosed medical problems, referred from outpatients and inpatients
・Provide urgent and emergency care for patients visiting the emergency department
・Contribute to the integrated community care system around Tochigi
・Work as hospitalists for inpatients with infectious endocarditis as a member of the infectious endocarditis team

2. Dissemination of the principle of the diagnostic strategy
・Hold the onsite and offsite workshops and lectures for physicians and students to teach the principle of the diagnostic strategy
・Visit hospitals to provide the educational ward rounds


School of madicine:

1st year Community Health Internship (CHI)
Liberal Study (Visual Thinking Strategies)
2nd year Problem Base Learning (PBL) Tutorial II
3rd year Community Based Medical Training III Advanced Community Health Internship (ACHI)
4th year General Practice
OSCE (Vital Signs)
Liberal Study (Visual Thinking Strategies)
License Exam Case Studies IV
5th & 6th year Clinical Clerkship
General Medicine / Family Medicine / Generalist Medicine/ Geriatric Medicine

School of Nursing:

1st year Mechanisms of disease

Research Field:

Diagnostic strategy / Clinical reasoning / Diagnostic error
Telehealth / Artificial intelligence for patient history acquisition and physical examination skills
Consultation medicine
Epidemiological studies regarding medicine

Academic Society Activities:

Society to Improve Diagnosis in Medicine
American College of Physicians
Japanese Society of Hospital General Medicine
Japan Primary Care Association
The Japanese Society of Internal Medicine


Head/Full Professor and Chairman: Taro Shimizu, MD, PhD, MSc, MPH, MBA, FACP
Staff/Full Senior Assistant Professor: Yukinori Harada, MD, PhD
Staff/Senior Assistant Professor: Takanobu Hirosawa, MD, PhD
Staff/Assistant Professor: Yudai Suzuki, MD
Staff/Assistant Professor: Yumi Otaka, MD
Staff/Assistant Professor: Shinichi Katsukura, MD
Staff/Assistant Professor: Ren Kawamura, MD, PhD
Staff/Assistant Professor: Shusaku Tomiyama, MD
Staff/Assistant Professor: Masashi Yokose, MD
Staff/Assistant Professor: Tetsu Sakamoto, MD

Note: In addition to the above, the Department of Diagnostic and Generalist Medicine have part-time staff, residents, and secretaries.

Characteristics of the section:

     Our primary research focus is the diagnostic strategy, and we are publishing innovative and unique theoretical concepts and actual practice cases in the leading medical journals across the world. We are also studying the implementation of novel technology in medicine, such as telemedicine and artificial intelligence. With the integration of state-of-the-art theories and technology, our future goal is to provide a new framework for better clinical reasoning and reduce diagnostic errors in medical practices.
     Medical and clinical education is another essential role of our department. The characteristic of our department is that we have a program dedicated to physicians above fellows or attending levels, who are willing to develop a new department or division of general medicine or to be a leader of the field of general medicine/hospital medicine (OSLER program). In addition, we started the doctoral program in 2018 for physicians who want to proceed with their academic careers.


Department of Diagnostic and Generalist Medicine
Dokkyo Medical University
Kitakobayashi 880, Mibu, Shimotsuga, Tochigi, 321-0293 Japan
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