Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology

Head of the Office: Tomoe Fujita MD, PhD

Message from the Head of the Office

     Welcome to visit our pharmacology page! We conduct research and provide education in pharmacology with the goal of establishing optimal drug treatments and developing effective new drugs originating from the Dokkyo Medical University. Research is conducted in both directions: from basic to clinical and from clinical to basic. The latter, for example, is when an adverse effect of the drug occurs in a patient, and we return to basic research to figure out how it happened.
      We hope that everyone will become interested in pharmacology after reading this.


1. Education of pharmacology and clinical pharmacology
     We train medical students who can scientifically, rationally, and ethically practice drug treatment and pharmacological research. To this end, we provide consistent education from basic pharmacology to clinical pharmacology, including the mechanism of pharmacological action, dose (concentration)-response relationships, evaluation of drug effects, optimal use of drugs, and the formation of partnerships between patients and physicians.

2. Research of drug discovery and optimal drug treatment
     We conduct research that leads to drug discovery and optimal drug treatment for individual patients. To this end, we study the effects of drugs on living organisms at the individual, tissue, cellular, and molecular levels.

3. Education
School of Medicine:

1st year Lecture on carrier-path for pharmacologist
Community health internship(CHI)
Basic bio-related chemistry
PBL tutorial Ⅰ
Humanities and natural sciences selectionⅡ: medicine and drug discovery from Japan
Assigned to a medical research laboratory (elective course)
2nd year PharmacologyⅠ
PBL tutorial Ⅱ
Medical research practice (basic)
Medical EnglishⅡ
Basic integration exercises
Assigned to a medical research laboratory (elective course)
3rd year Pharmacology Ⅱ
Pharmacology practice
Medical research practice (advanced)
Medical English Ⅲ
Assigned to a medical research laboratory (elective course)
4th year Clinical reasoning exercises Ⅰ, Ⅲ
Physiology and pharmacology CBT preparation supplemental (elective course)
Assigned to a medical research laboratory (elective course)

Nursing School Affiliated to Dokkyo Medical University:

1st year Clinical pharmacology

Research Field

  • Exploration of drugs for chronic kidney disease using animal models: activators of the kallikrein-kinin system
  • Drug discovery for cancer and immunological diseases by targeting transporters
  • Pharmacological and physiological functional analysis of the lower urinary tract
  • Elucidation of the regulatory mechanism of mammalian sperm's fertilization ability acquisition/hyperactivation motility
  • Elucidation of the regulatory mechanism of oxidative stress in mammalian sperm and development of novel assisted reproductive medicine
  • Analysis of the endocrine and exocrine responses of the pancreas


Academic Society Activities

The Japanese Pharmacological Society
The Japanese Society of Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics
Japanese Society for Applied Therapeutics
The Japanese Society of Toxicology
The Japanese Society of Internal Medicine
The Japanese Society of Digestion and Absorption
American Society for Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics (ASCPT)
Japanese Society of Allergology
The Japanese Cancer Association
The Japanese Continence Society
Japan Society of Smooth Muscle Research
The Japanese Urological Association
International Continence Society
Physiological Society of Japan
Japan Society of Andrology
The Society for Reproduction and Development
The Zoological Society of Japan
Japan Society of Nutrition and Food Science
Japanese Society of Gout and Uric & Nucleic Acids


Professor Tomoe Fujita, MD, PhD
Associate Professor Keitaro Hayashi, PhD
Associate Professor Naoki Aizawa, Pharm D, PhD
Assistant Professor Gen Takei, PhD
Assistant Professor Asuka Morita, MT, PhD
Technician Satomi Tateno
Technician Mio Maekawa
Technician Sawako Tanaka-Nakadate, MSc

Characteristics of the section

     We are conducting joint research with universities, research institution, pharmaceutical companies and medical equipment venture company in Japan. Our research areas are nephrology, immunology, urology, genitourinary, and metabolism, and we focus on elucidating the mechanisms of diseases and drug discovery. 
     Currently, joint research is being carried out as follows: Miyazaki University, Kitasato University, Hiroshima University, Tokai University, University of Alberta, Nagoya Institute of Technology, Maebashi Institute of Technology, Utsunomiya University, Meikai University, Chiba University, RIKEN BRC, J-Pharma Co., Ltd., Kissei pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and INOPASE.