Department of Radiology

Head of the Department: Shigeyoshi Soga MD, PhD

Message from the Head of the Department

     Our department provides organized educational programs for medical students and radiology residents. In clinical practice, we provide diagnostic support for clinical specialties, interventional radiology treatments using catheters or puncture needles under angiography or CT guidance, and high-precision radiotherapy for malignant tumors. Our research works are based on advanced clinical radiology in various fields, and these results have a potential to influence the treatment strategies.


1. Diagnostic Radiology and Interventional Radiology

  • Interpretation of computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging, radiography of various organs, positron-emission tomography and nuclear medicine.
  • Vascular interventional procedures including embolization of hemorrhage, pre-surgical vessel embolization.
  • Biopsy of tumors and placements of drainages under CT guidance.
  • Ultra-sonography for pediatrics.

2. Radiation Oncology

  • External photon beam radiation therapy, intensity modulated radiation therapy and stereotactic body radiation therapy.
  • CT/MRI guided brachytherapy for genitourinary cancer.

3. Education
School of Medicine:

1st year Lectures on Study Skills
Lectures on Doctor’s Career Plan
2nd year Lectures on Anatomy (Image-based Anatomy)
3rd year Lectures on Radiology
4th year Clinical Reasoning
Lecture on Symptomatology
5th year Clinical Clerkship in Radiology
6th yearAdvanced Clinical Clerkship in Radiology
Lectures on Diagnostic Imaging

Research Field

  • MRI of genito-urinary tract
  • Pediatric imaging
  • Imaging of diffuse parenchymal lung disease
  • Interventional radiology

Academic Society Activities

Japan Radiological Society
Japanese Society of Nuclear Medicine
Japanese Society of Radiation Oncology
Japanese Society of Thoracic Radiology
Japanese Society of Abdominal Radiology
Japan Asbestos Mesothelioma Interest Group


Diagnostic Radiology
Head/Professor                         Yasushi Kaji, MD, PhD
Specially Appointed Professor    Tsutomu Ishikawa, MD, PhD
Staff/Professor                          Yasukazu Shioyama, MD, PhD
Specially Appointed Professor    Teisuke Hashimoto, MD, PhD
Staff/Professor                          Yoshihiro Nakagami, MD, PhD
Staff/Associate Professor           Shigeko Kuwashima, MD, PhD
Staff/Associate Professor           Hiroaki Arakawa, MD, PhD
Staff/Assistant Professor            Katsutoshi Ishihara, MD
Staff/Assistant Professor            Hiroaki Ikeda, MD
Staff/Assistant Professor            Kensuke Inamura, MD
Staff/                                         Sadaharu Hiki, MD
Staff/                                         Yousuke Misu, MD
Staff/                                         Mariko Kumazawa, MD
Resident/                                    Atsushi Suzuki, MD
Resident/                                    Yutaka Saito, MD

Radiation Oncology
Staff/ Professor                           Yasuo Ejima, MD, PhD
Staff/                                         Kei Konishi, MD
Specially Appointed Professor      Masao Murakami, MD, PhD

Characteristics of the section

     Department of Radiology is composed of two different sections, namely, diagnostic radiology and radiation oncology. With the aids of radiology technicians, diagnostic radiologists administrate quality of imaging such as CT, MRI and PET. Making appropriate diagnosis and suggestions to physicians are one of the important roles for diagnostic radiologists. Participation to clinical conference is recommended in order to have good communication with physicians and to improve the skills in image interpretation of each radiologist.
      Radiation oncologists also participate in the case conferences of oncology patients and discuss treatment options with the physicians. The building of radiation oncology has just been rebuilt and the state of the art equipment’s are introduced. Because of the shortage of the radiology oncologist, new comers will be welcomed.